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Champ Bailey

He really is an amazing athlete at 6 feet probably not even..playing against a bunch of giants and has become one of the greatest scorers of all time...He gets pounded every game and never gives up...I love the guy and hes a reason why playing and watching basketball were so much fun for me when I was in middleschool and highschool...I guess a cool story...I remember going to see him play in the finals against the Lakers for the first game of the series and the only game the Sixers won when I was like 11 or 12 and remember how dominate he was that game. A guy a few rows ahead of me was getting Booed and so was I because I was a sixers fan because of Iverson and he told me if the sixers won the game he would give me his Iverson jersey for free..After the game ended in OT he came up to me and gave me the Jersey and its a really nice jersey...Random story but I think its pretty cool...Just hope Iverson can stay in Denver though because it seems him and Carmelo work pretty well together and hopefully they can win a championship because if anyone in the NBA deserves one its Iverson.

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