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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by claviculasolomonis View Post
I like chica sings hogan. When i was in seattle i saw pretty girls make graves play at the sonic boom record shop - for a little woman she can pack a voice.
I haven't heard very much of PGMG, maybe just like a song or two, so I really cannot pass judgement on it till I hear more. I'll have to take your word on it for now Ames.

Right now I'm spinning Chomsky - Hogan, you should check it out. Think avant-garde new wave in a pop-rock format.

They have long since been disbanded, but very interesting for the active listener.
Chomsky.....sounds familiar but I can't place it (I must be getting old and losing my memory or something) Band Of Horses I've never heard of, but it sounds interesting from your description...I'll have to investigate further.
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