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Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
I honestly can't wait for it to get started. The last baseball experience I had was witnessing, first hand, a bunch of scumbag Red Sox fans congregating behind the 3rd Base dugout at Coors Field, watching their team celebrate. (I still need to post pictures of that - it was shocking! They filled the whole lower section with red. I'm still bitter about the way the ticket thing was handled.)
Please do post the pictures, I will use it as my sig just to piss off you Rockies fans.

But I hate the Dodgers - always have, since I was a Yankee fan growing up (pre-Rockies). And I grew a healthy disdain for the Diamondbacks during the NLCS. And I am tired of hearing Padres fans whine about how Holliday never scored. The Giants are sort of like the Raiders. I used to really dislike them, but now it's like trying to get worked up over a retarded kid. There's nothing that makes sports more entertaining than good, old-fashioned hatred. And three of those teams, plus the Rockies, could reasonably expect to win the West. For a division that was the worst in baseball not too long ago, that's pretty exciting.
I understand there is some serious Vitriol towards the Dodgers from Rockies fans, what is funny though is that most Dodger fans really aren't haters of the Rockies. That will soon change if you guys have another successful season. The Dodgers primary Rivals are the Midgets and the Madres. There is nothing more exciting than beating the Giants and watching them finish in last place.
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