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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
That 3rd goal was BS. First off, like you said, it was a blatant interference. 2nd, Staal knocked the net off before the puck went in. During live play it was impossible to see whether the net was off first becase I was at the game. However, they showed the reply 20 times on the big screen, slowing it down frame by frame and the net came off right before the puck crossed the line.
I still have no idea how it was not a goaltender interference.

As far as Briere.... he was stupid and deserved a penalty. There is no reason for him to skate through the crease in that situation. Stay out of the crease and you can't get a penalty there.

All in all it was a great night at the Big House! Fun times harassing Pen fans. Tied for first going into the all star break with a game in hand on everyone in the division.
i disagree on the briere thing, and frame by frame if stall wasnt in the net it was a goal, the net is allowd to be up it just cant have moved off the pegs, and you can clearly see the net is still on the pegs till after the puck, but like i said how that isnt a penalty is beyond me.
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