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Originally Posted by Bronco LB 52 View Post
The Dodgers have a good blend of veterans and youngsters. There's a lot to room to grow with James Loney, Matt Kemp and Andy LaRoche. All three of them can rake.

They overpaid for Andruw, but Furcal is an All-Star shortstop when healthy. His ankle injury hampered him all season long in 2007. He earned his salary in 2006.

Rockies, D-Backs, Padres and Dodgers will all contend this season. The only team that doesn't have much of a chance are the Giants and that's because they have no hitting to complement their solid pitching.
Like I said, it all depends on how the young guys play, but I think some are overrating the Dodgers. I think they made a mistake in signing Andruw Jones, for one. Go ahead and overpay for him.
Right now, theres too many Q's for me when looking at the Dodgers. Its not like they are the Giants though, but they will probably hang around in the playoff hunt, but will miss out.
The NL West is an iffy division to predict because with certain things happening, any team could make a run at the division. Well, except the Giants.
With the Dodgers, it just depends on how well some guys rebound from injuries and the youngins play this year.
The DBacks, can the offense improve and the pitching keep up its outstanding pace from last year.
Rockies, can the pitching be as effective this year as it was last year.
Padres, timely clutch hits and amazing bullpen carried them last year, can they do it again?

Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
Sounds like a scared Rockie Fan to me.
Personally, this season is probably going to be frustrating for me to watch because its going to be hard for the Rockies to do what they did last year with how well the division is.
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