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The Mc Rib

ok now fair being fair, you guys will be playing wihtout george for a few games for that one. That was worse then jones on bergeron and he got 3 games so id say 5 for george.

BUT it was as much downies fault, im sorry but it is stupid to skate like tha tinto the boards, specially when you see him look over his back and see a guy right behind him.

That being said, i think downie was faking it on the ice, just to make sure he drew the penalty, see he aint as stupid as he may seem, weve got burned by that too many times, pretend your dead and it looks alot worse.

anybody else notice that the ref was about to skate away wihtout putting his arm up until he saw that downie wasnt getting up, That is what is wrong with hockey today. If downie gets up there isnt even a penalty called.

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