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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
I know its early to do this before Spring Training, but I'm anxious because I love baseball and feel this could be another exciting year for the Rockies. Personally, I love the latest aquisition of Marcus Giles. IMO, he's gonna be at least backing up at 2B this year.

My projected lineup:
1. Willy Taveras, CF
2. Troy Tulowitzki, SS
3. Matt Holliday, LF
4. Todd Helton, 1B
5. Garrett Atkins, 3B
6. Brad Hawpe, RF
7. Marcus Giles, 2B
8. Yorvit Torrealba, C
9. Pitcher
If Giles starts, plans A, B, and C blew up - a very bad thing. I think the Rockies are hoping against hope that Jayson Nix gets comfortable enough at the plate to justify giving him the job for 120 games a year. He's a Gold Glove quality fielder - his problem has always been his bat. But he started hitting better the last half of last year (at Colorado Springs), then hit like a mad man at the World Cup of Baseball (under pressure against some pretty solid competition). Otherwise, the lineup is pretty well set. I might juggle the batting order a little, though.

Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
Chris Iannetta - C
Jeff Baker - 1B, 3B, OF
Ian Stewart - 3B
Clint Barmes - SS
Ryan Spilborghs - OF
Seth Smith - OF
I can't argue with anyone there. Although, if Nix makes the team, it will be at someone's expense. My guess is that the odd man out would be either Giles or Barmes. I'd assume each would have some trade value, and I bet one of them is sent packing at some point in spring training. Corey Sullivan is also in the mix, although I don't see how he's going to fit - especially during the times the team carries 12 pitchers. And Omar Quintanilla can play all three infield positions, and has proved himself to be a solid left-handed bat in late-inning situations. It might not be bad to have Ian Stewart playing every day at Colorado Springs, and replace him with Quintanilla.

My guess is that Ian Stewart won't be there (unless he wins the 2nd Base job). The guys that make it are Ianetta, Smith, Spillborghs, Baker, Quintanilla, and Sullivan.

Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
Pitching Rotation:
1. Jeff Francis
2. Aaron Cook
3. Jason Hirsh
4. Franklin Morales
5. Ubaldo Jimenez
Did you put those in order? Ubaldo should be at 3. Then, I'm not convinced Morales will start the season in Denver. There's also the possibility that he makes the club, but out of the bullpen. That would leave the #5 spot for either Redman or Kip Wells.

Originally Posted by jth1331 View Post
Mark Redman
Matt Herges
Jose Capellan
Luis Vizcaino
Brian Fuentes
Manny Corpas

This could change, as Rockies may need another pitcher, but hopefully they can do it with this much. I like having the depth of the bench with the way this is set up, and the lineup is solid.
Pitching, relying on a lot of young guys IMO but I believe they have the talent. Morales and Jimenez can pitch amazingly well, and if they hold up, it will be a solid rotation. Bullpen has loads of depth. We have guys that can be called up, Bucholz, Wells, Speier, etc. that can come in and pitch effectively. Redman gets an edge because I want 2 lefty's in the pen.
Well, assuming they go with eleven pitchers, you can pretty much assume (barring injury) that Corpas, Fuentes, Vizcaino, and Herges are locks. So, that leaves only two spots among Buchholz, Ramon Ramirez, Speier, Juan Morillo, Capellan, and the two among Morales, Wells, and Redman that don't end up in the rotation. My first choice would be Redman (or Morales, if Redman ends up starting), so Hurdle would have another left-handed option. Then maybe Buchholz or Ramirez (if he could get back to his 2006 self).

That leaves some pretty solid players without spots - especially when you consider guys like Greg Reynolds likely to be ready at some point this year.
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