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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by 24champbailey View Post
Still feeling the sting from losing to the Rockies on a bad call?

Nice win by the Avs by the way...
No. I don't think it was a bad call. The Rockies earned it with the way they played down the stretch. The Madres had several chances to lock up both the division, and the wild card...they simply didn't get it done. Weren't the Dahyers out of the race in July? Man, that team has tens of millions of dollars wrapped up in suck. (Enough hijacking the Avs thread can talk all the Dahyers/Madres smack you want to me through PM's.)

I really like the make up of the Avs right now...assuming Stastny is back after the break. The kids from Erie have brought some grit, and Tay-o-door is looking really strong. He's small but athletic, and when he's confident he doesn't flop around...he simply plays the puck.

I really feel bad for Ryan Smyth...he was on the verge of being a point per game player with the Avs. The Dude plays with reckless abandon. He's a crash test dummy. What a great signing, and kudos to Super Joe for helping to facilitate things.

I'm hoping they re-up J.M. Liles...and don't let him walk.
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