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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
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By the Cody Mac's I meant both McCormick, and McCleod. I've liked McCormick since his first stint with the Avs when he flat out beat Jarome Iginla up in a fight. That's no small task either. Iginla can bring it, and I guess the fact that he was mixing it up with a kid like McCormick shows that. McCleod looks like he's going to fill the void that Hinote left when he moved on to St. Louis. He doesn't have Hinote's speed, and he clearly doesn't know how to fight, but he finishes his checks and has some skill offensively. McCleod has scored some pretty goals.

I disagree re: Your take on the Avs D getting deep in the offensive zone. I think they're better when they do. The odd man rushes are a result of the forwards not seeing the play, and dropping back to cover for them. They've improved greatly on that recently though. I think the Avs problems defensively all year lie in their forwards far more than the D-men, and the two guys in nets. Just watch Detroit, and watch where their forwards are when their D jump in the play. I think the Avs are getting there.

Re: Svatos. Good point in regards to his ice time...but does that really explain the discrepancy between his goals and assists? There's no question he can finish. He's 4th on the team with a +7, but there just seems to be something missing with him.

Also Skratins has been playing great lately. Earlier this year I thought he was done...but he's been playing smart, and with some jump.

And I stop by from time to time when I'm drunk, but I think that most of the posters on the orangemane nowadays are self righteous I abstain.

Here's to a strong second half from the Avs.

Also...I don't know if she posts here anymore, but Jori has a kick ass blog re: the avs prospects. She really keeps you up to date. I've been monitoring Nigel Williams' progress.
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