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Originally Posted by Pendejo View Post
I'm really impressed with the play of the Cody Mac's...those two along with Guite, Parker, and the irreplaceable Ian "It's all about Lappy" Laperierre give the Avs a whole lot of toughness and grit.

Hes the only lanche throwing the body on every check hopefully his play spread through the team because his play can help this team through the rough spot we are going to see with all the injuries.

It looks like Tay-o-door has finally found his confidence after a couple of years. He's looking really solid in his nets.


Am I the only Avs fan that thinks J.M. Liles is a very good NHL defenseman?

Hes great extremely solid and ont of the few D men we have that will jump into the play on O though he is very valuable as a trade but i hope he stays hes a franchise kinda guy if his play continues and gets better.

After a sluggish start Scott Hannan has really started to show why he was so hotly pursued last summer. Once he realized that he's not offense oriented his play picked up dramatically.

We seems to not be able to afford D men going in deep and we really have a problem cycling the puck out to the points for shot thus the decline in defensive points. We seem to always get caught in deep allowing the oddman rush.

Marek Svatos is as streaky as they come. He did his best Scott Stevens impression last night with a huge check along the boards. His stats are somewhat concerning to me though. What does he have 20 goals, and 2 assists? Rick Nash put up something like 50 goals, and 50 something points a few years ago...but Svatos isn't even close to being in Nash's league. Sell high with that kid.

I really think has alot to do with Qs system (it sucks) remember not to long ago svatos was in Qs doghouse for none production (well it's hard to score) when you not on the ice.

Finally...while I'll never forgive Andrew Brunette for scoring the goal that ended the great Patrick Roy's career...he has to be the most underrated player in the whole NH and L. He always works hard, and produces...especially when paired with Sakic. He's a slick passer, and surprisingly strong on the puck...and that goal he scored against the Cansucks awhile ago was tremendous.

Love the guy i always have (in a sports admiration way) i was in the can when he scored that goal btw.

Whoops. This is a rambling...silly post.

Bye bye.

Stop by more often....
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