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Originally Posted by angryllama View Post
Spare me the lecture.

Your talking to a guy who tried to fit Chris Squire, Victor Wooten, and Jaco into every song he ever encountered.

I know a slew of great studio players, many of whom you probably worship as much as Carlton. One of whom is one of the best quick jazz pickers of his era. I'm sure you have his poster on your wall.

You dont have to be Yngwie or Buckethead to wank. There are plenty of players who shred their way through the pentatonic or any brand of scale you can think of.

Dont be so full of yourself.

And dont let that guy continue sporting the mullet.
Full of myself?

For simply questioning your reasons for dismissing Carlton a "wanker?"

I stand by my original statement - if you really believe this then you either don't know anything about Carlton or you don't know when the term "wanker" is appropriate.

If you don't dig his style, then I have no argument with that.

I can't stand country music, but you won't hear me calling Brent Mason or Albert Lee "wankers."
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