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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
selanne and forsberg rumor

According to sources today Forsberg is closer than he has been in a long time and he is also leaning towards the Flyers as the team he will return to. It is all up to Peter. Although the Flyers are the closest to the cap in the NHL (less than $250,000). However, according to my sources the Flyers have figured out a way to make enough space for Foppa.

Vancouver and Calgary are also extremely interested in Forsberg and have made attempts to get details on what it may or may not take.

As far as a timeline goes, it has been widely believed that Forsberg would try to practice with the Swedish team Modo first and then make a decision as to his health. However, Chuck Gormley of the Courier Post reported yesterday that Forsberg's agent and the Flyers have talked contract. What makes this interesting is that this same agent went on XM a few weeks back and said that NO talks would take place until Peter's health was no longer an issue and he was sure that he could return.

On the Selanne front, word is that he is VERY close to becoming a Duck and that the Ducks as well have a plan in place to get Teemu back in the line-up. From what I can gather if Forsberg is a 4-6 week person then Teemu is 1-3 weeks.
I don't understand why the Avs don't make a move especially with Sakic and Smyth out...his playmaking ability would help tremendously especially on the powerplay..makes no sense!!
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