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Flyers use 3-on-1 breakaway to savagely beat opposing defenseman

The Philadelphia Flyers took the opportunity of a 3-on-1 break last night not to try to notch a goal and even the score against the Maple Leafs, but instead savagely beat overmatched Toronto defenseman Ian White.
“Yeah, we probably could have scored easily,” said Flyers center Mike Richards. “But we try to look at the bigger picture. Ian is an important player for Toronto. We’ll have to play them again this season. But if we beat the sh-t out of him and put him in a coma, he can’t hurt us down the road. It’s pretty simple, really.”
White took several good shots from the three attacking Flyers – including a slash to the face, a skate blade kick to the neck and several knife puncture wounds – before his teammates were able to catch up to the play and rescue him.
“Typically p***Y behavior by the Maple Leafs, rescuing White,” said Flyers right wing Steve Downie, who went at White with a battle axe in the melee. “What, the guy can’t fight his own battles? If you can’t handle a beating, then don’t get on the ice against the Flyers.”
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