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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
I thought at the very least the Debbie Reynolds reference would start you typing in a hurry! ... but I sure am skeptical about trashing the entire discography of as popular an artist as Benatar. I'm not a big Benatar fan, but off the top of my head, 'Promises in the Dark' was a real scorcher.
Well, Donny Iris and "Miami My Amy" almost did...but when I decided not to comment on it and just let it go, the queasiness went away.

In regards to Benatar, I can't find much of redeeming value in what I've been subjected to (and I say subjected because she was soooo monsterously popular...many high school/college girlfriends treated her as some sort of voice of the generation or something till 86 or so......then again when she did the covers of old R&B stuff on True Love a title I actually had to look up....her butchering of B.B. King is far and away the most unforgivable thing she's done.) I gave each one a fair shot but she just seemed to get worse as she went on. I fault the material which neither showed off her opera trained pipes very well nor conveyed any of her emotional attachment to it. I felt a lot of it was a going through the motions pose brought on by an outside direction...maybe her manager or something although I can't prove that notion. It sure seemed like it was the case anyways.

I've said it before - and I'll say it again in adding my voice to clavi's - I'm more a song man than an artist man. I have a new mp3 player so I've been reshuffling my library lately, and it seems I have LOTS of artists with just one song in there. Not just Saga, but lots of artists like for example Annie Lennox, 4 Non-Blondes, Black Crowes, Breeders, Cher, Danzig, Dishwalla, Doris Day, Fleetwood Mac. Just one song from each indicates I'm not a huge fan of any of them ... BUT ... 'No More I Love Yous' 'What's Goin' On' 'She Talks to Angels' 'Cannonball' 'Believe' 'Mother' 'Counting Blue Cars' 'Secret Love' and 'Warm Ways' are all wonderful songs.

Actually I just found 'Silver Springs' and the entire album 'The Dance,' so scratch Fleetwood Mac from the 1-song list.

But still.
MP3's make the single mix cd's (or tapes if you're still running that media) ipods and the like much easier if you don't care much about the overall sound quality. Some have a problem with them...I generally don't and think they're just fine.
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