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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Bronx..... You just don't see the point. Fine, Downie's "rabbit punch" was dirty. I agree.

Ok great now awswer this what point from this comment don't i get?

I have a question pertaining to Don Cherry since you defend his comments. How can he say "it was one of the dirtiest things he's ever seen" when he loved Tie Domi. Remember what Domi did to Ulf about 10 years ago? The total sucker punch while his gloves were on and Ulf wasn't looking? That was (save for McSorely on Brashear), the dirtiest thing I've seen. Also, how can Don Cherry say "Kids, NEVER EVER EVER EVER do that" (What downie did) and then at the end of his thought say "There are certain guys in the league you can do that to but not Blake"? What the hell is that? Talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth!
Now, you defended Cherry on "EVERYTHING". How can you defend what I just addressed?

I agree what downie did wasn't nearly as bad and this is what i don't like about the ego (don cherry) he run his hole with reckless abandon. I know i said i agreed with every thing he said i guess i didn't pay close enough attention to cherry being cherry (my bad)

Also, stop taking chit so personal. I have no idea how you turned my quote into meaning "I know more about hockey".

I didn't say you knew more than me i said you are (no bigger hockey fan) that's kinda based on the general consensus i get from every flyer fan i have discussed this seasons rash of suspensions. Iam sorry i grinds my gears when folks are so narrow minded about these hits when you said downies rabbit punch was cheap (that was the first) admission i have gotten from a flyer fan (the first) you understand my position now?

Colin Campbell has a hard on for the Flyers because, whether you know it or not,

Sorry i don't agree

Colin coached the Rangers for a few years. The Flyers/Rangers have one of the best rivalries in all of sports. Campbell hated the Flyers then and he carried that with him to his new Position

I just don't see colin using an old rivalry as a motive for suspensions (they have all been earned) IMO sorry but that's my opinion.

(No, not bent over Bettman's desk, his other NHL position)).
I have no idea how much Hockey you know or don't know. I really don't care.

Sure ya do or we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Now, to the point that I have been trying to make and I still haven't gotten an answer to from you. How was the hit on Colburn not a penalty when 2 Flyers had similar hits this season and gotten suspended for? That's all I want to know. Can you give me an answer?

How the hell can i give you an answer i tried finding the colburn hit because to tell you truth i don't remember it so i can't help you out there. But based on your angle your feeling picked on by the league and all i can say is (get out from under the microscope) your players put you there (that's a fact) if flyers keep up the hits (your going to get attention from the league) simple. Is very easy to play a smash mouth style hockey (flyer hockey) you just have some youngster taking the style just a bit to far (just do it clean) thus far your team hasen't weather you believe it or not.

If this were the Av's, would you share my same point of view?

No (that's my opinion) it's not clean hockey i didn't agree with claude lemeuix hit on draper if that tells you anything

Flyers fans just want consistency. that's all. Most are okay with the suspensions. Like I said all along, I welcome them. That said, it's total BS that what's called for one team is not called for the entire league. Think about it.
You would have to sit down with colin to get these answers and go through each play to get the type of answer you want (i can't help you) it's your opinion colin isn't consistant with punishments and iam guessing the flyer sites you visit are all crying bloody murder and you have pretty much joined the crowd.


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