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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
hey pbn check this out

clarke loved the downie punch

its about time somebody in the organization stood up and said good for you guys, keep playing that way, i cant wait for off the record today now.

video will be up on the tsn site after 6pm eastern
Bah.... That's just Clarkie being Clarkie. Sometimes I wish he would just stay quite. Clarke has always been the type of guy who when he says something, he makes it seem like he is a God and you should bow in front of him. Clarke is no longer the GM of this team and should remain OUT of the public eye. There is something called "public relations" for spin control. Clarkie is the anti-public relations.
As far as Downie, he's a big boy and can take care of himself. I've yet to see him back down from anyone. I don't think I will ever see him duck and hide the way Tie Domi used to. Should be fun watching Downie and Avery take to the ice Thursday night. 2 train wrecks headed straight at each other. MMMMmmm... Good ole East coast hockey at it's finest.
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