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Bronx..... You just don't see the point. Fine, Downie's "rabbit punch" was dirty. I agree. I have a question pertaining to Don Cherry since you defend his comments. How can he say "it was one of the dirtiest things he's ever seen" when he loved Tie Domi. Remember what Domi did to Ulf about 10 years ago? The total sucker punch while his gloves were on and Ulf wasn't looking? That was (save for McSorely on Brashear), the dirtiest thing I've seen. Also, how can Don Cherry say "Kids, NEVER EVER EVER EVER do that" (What downie did) and then at the end of his thought say "There are certain guys in the league you can do that to but not Blake"? What the hell is that? Talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth!
Now, you defended Cherry on "EVERYTHING". How can you defend what I just addressed?

Also, stop taking chit so personal. I have no idea how you turned my quote into meaning "I know more about hockey". Colin Campbell has a hard on for the Flyers because, whether you know it or not, Colin coached the Rangers for a few years. The Flyers/Rangers have one of the best rivalries in all of sports. Campbell hated the Flyers then and he carried that with him to his new Position (No, not bent over Bettman's desk, his other NHL position)).
I have no idea how much Hockey you know or don't know. I really don't care.

Now, to the point that I have been trying to make and I still haven't gotten an answer to from you. How was the hit on Colburn not a penalty when 2 Flyers had similar hits this season and gotten suspended for? That's all I want to know. Can you give me an answer? If this were the Av's, would you share my same point of view?
Flyers fans just want consistency. that's all. Most are okay with the suspensions. Like I said all along, I welcome them. That said, it's total BS that what's called for one team is not called for the entire league. Think about it.

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