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The Mc Rib

for the love of god would you please stop calling it a sucker punch, it was a scrum, they were engaged in an altercation, it was a shot, maybe even a late shot, but it was not a sucker punch. Do you even know what a sucker punch is ?

this is a sucker punch

1:50 of this is pretty good too

you might recognize this one

do you understand yet

that last one is good, listen to them talking about how you have to expect something to be coming after you go to the net like that. Did you actually see what led to the downie blake thing ? the fact that blake crashed the net hard for what the third time with no penalty being called, not to mention that just 3 months ago he was calling for downie to be thrown out of the league.

there is a penalty for what happened, and it was givin, 2 minutes for roughing, nothing more. this crying for it to be reviewed was stupid. Aparently the nhl agrees as there was no further punishment so get over it.

I see pbn is getting to the point i was at 3 months ago, consistancy is the key, much like there was nothing wrong with jones hit on bergeron, there was nothing wrong with kubina on coburn, BUT if your going to suspend for one then you have to suspend for the other end of story.
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