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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i seem to recall saying this for the first 3 months of the season and being told to stop it, now your finally starting to see the light.

as for bronx with his bush league comment, if he was talking about the ref hes right, if you cant completely tie up both guys stay the hell out so nobody ends up crying like blake did.

and just like i make the hit he made on mcammond in preseason, i take that shot at blake too,every friggin time. I like this downie kid, its alot easier to teach psychos control then it is to teach pussies to be aggressive.

I hear ya but I was referring to the suspension part of the arguement. I didn't care that every boarderline hit was garnering a suspension.
Now, I am referring to every little thing a Flyer player does, the Lone avs fan on the board comes in to take a shot at the Flyers.
If Bronx did it with every team, it wouldn't matter. He either has too much time on his hands and has to comment on everything a Flyer player does or he has a bug up his ass about the Flyers. Either way, I just wish he would stop with the whining on the Flyers thread. Take that chit to the general hockey thread. It's getting tiresome.

He wasn't talking about the refs. He was talking about Downie. Although, I do agree with you that the refs "eff'ed" up by not completely tying the players up. Bronx was whining that Downie threw the extra punch. Happens all the time. Not sure what Hockey he is watching.

Downie is a losse cannon for sure. He has talent though. I like his mean streak. He HAS to control it though. It's getting him a bad rep, which I don't mind but, the penalties will come at a fast pace with that rep.

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