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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i hear kyle calder was a -1

how the heck are you aminus 1 in a 9-2 win ?

i dont miss him at all, i hope you guys are having more luck with him then we did last year.
minus 1, yeah not a great stat when your team blows out the other team by 7 goals. However Calder is just getting back into the swing of things, He was injured for a while and he brings to the table what the Kings desperately need. Toughness. He scratches and claws his way to get the puck. The Frolov/Calder/Nagy line worked wonders last night, and Nagy showed why he is so talented with a 5 point night.

I'm on the fence whether to keep Nagy or trade him, the numbers show that he has improved from last year. I'm more content to trade Cammy to be honest because his value is so high.
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