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It's all good Chadta...long as it is about hockey then its ok.

After a very long couple of weeks traveling the west, name a city in the west, and I probably went there. I'm not kidding either. Had a great New Years in Las Vegas.

Anyway flew tonight again to Reno/Tahoe and caught the last 2 periods of the Kings and Blackhawks...and killed them. 9-2 folks, I'd say it was a nice way to start the new year, only problem I had with the game was with O'Sullivan swinging his stick at a players head. No matter who you are, that kind of crap has no place in the game. I know the Hawks were banged up, but 9-2 beatdown is impressive either way you cut it.

Speaking of Banged up, Cammy missed his 3-4th game in a row and the Kings have shown they can win and put points on the board. Pretty sure Cammy is on the way out for picks/prospects/young NHL player.

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