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Originally Posted by Sassy View Post
30 lbs. John? Great job!
No kidding ... excellent work

Welcome to the thread, LABF - nice article.

I'm at 288 last weigh-in on November 9 (32 down, 48 to go). Losing 48 more sounds like a lot, but I have every confidence it shall be done - by this time next year. That would be just 1 pound a week, I can definitely manage that.

I was outta town for almost a month, and didn't watch the calories at all - gained only 4 pounds (which I think I've lost since I got home on 12/10. Gotta get on the scale at the Y this week. I feel I'm maybe closer to 280 now).

Until two years ago, I'd never been over 250 - ever. Anybody have any advice on keeping weight off after one huge gain and one huge loss?
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