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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
All you Pixies fans here ... I just learned that one of the two cute chick sisters in The Breeders was a foundng member of The Pixies. How about that?

Cannonball is more art than music I think ... one of the great songs ever in my view. And that viewpoint makes me realize exactly why I find this thread so awkward and difficult: I am more a fan of SONGS than artists. Today I was listening to one mp3 player file that includes: Warm Ways, Down in the River to Pray, She's a Devil, Please Please Please, It's a Laugh and Aces. I LOVE EVERY ONE of those songs (Christine McVie's Warm Ways is intoxicaing). But I have no particular interest in rushing out for more Fleetwood Mac, Allison Krause, Suzy Bogguss, BTO or even James Brown or Hall & Oates.

Methinks this 21st century is a Song-by-Song world, fellas ...
Yes, that's Kim Deal. If you need to know any other trivia about the Pixies, I'm your Huckleberry.

If you like the Breeders, I'll be in the studio at the end of the summer with one of their producers and engineers recording an album. I'll send you a PM when we release it.
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