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The Mc Rib

opps i meant that kid that phoenix got, whats his name , turris thats it, tavares has been playing only on powerplay. sorry for the mix up, that shows you how puzzled it has me.

side n note, ive watched some ohl games just to see that tavares kid play, and all i can say is wow, kids got skills and hes not a whiney biatch.

i dunno if jvr is playing, i really dont know much about him, hes in the american college system now and we dont get any of those games up here, hes supposed to be similar to rick nash is the name ive heard tossed around. Im just going by how well turris works with giroux, the two of them seem to really work well together, and to me thats worth something to be able to bring 2 guys in who already play together.

you know you can watch the games on eh ? the canadian ones anyhow, i started a thread about it somewhere on here, that proxy server is still good too.

sorry for the hi jack of the thread, hope you had a good christmas.
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