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All you Pixies fans here ... I just learned that one of the two cute chick sisters in The Breeders was a foundng member of The Pixies. How about that?

Cannonball is more art than music I think ... one of the great songs ever in my view. And that viewpoint makes me realize exactly why I find this thread so awkward and difficult: I am more a fan of SONGS than artists. Today I was listening to one mp3 player file that includes: Warm Ways, Down in the River to Pray, She's a Devil, Please Please Please, It's a Laugh and Aces. I LOVE EVERY ONE of those songs (Christine McVie's Warm Ways is intoxicaing). But I have no particular interest in rushing out for more Fleetwood Mac, Allison Krause, Suzy Bogguss, BTO or even James Brown or Hall & Oates.

Methinks this 21st century is a Song-by-Song world, fellas ...
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