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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I read a few days ago that the Pens have inquired about Atlanta Thrashers winger (and soon to be UFA) Marian Hossa. It would take alot to get him, and he'll have to be extended at a very high price, which might upset the apple cart in terms of the future, but it seems that the future costs associated with keeping Jordan Staal will not be anywhere near as high as once expected. If we could pry Hossa from Atlanta, and pair him with Crosby, that would be deadly. I know Sid is already really upset seeing Malone (before he got hurt) and Army ruining scoring chance after scoring chance that he creates and now he's just trying to do it all himself behind the net the last few games. Get him some star power for once....whenever they put Malkin and Crosby together they rape, but the rest of the lines can't do anything, Malkin's got to have his own line with Sykora...and Sid has to have a big time heavy hitter on his line...I mean for Pete's sake....Lacavalier has St. Louis and he's only up by a few points on Sid right now in the scoring race...Thornton has Cheechoo...Sid has no one when he is paired with losers as he usually is....get him Marian Hossa. If you need to give up that soft p***Y Whitney and maybe a couple pieces here and there to do so, then do it, we already have another young D-man just like him in Letang that can score. We have way too many offensive defenseman as it is, losing one isnt going to end the world.
I hear where you are coming from SoCal but you have to ask yourself "How long far can we go with this defense"?

From what I have seen from the Pens this season, their D is below average. I'd imagine you might have to give up a pretty good D-Man along with a handful of young talent and or draft picks. If you had a dominate Goalie, you could gamble but we both know your goalies are average at best.
Having one dominate line can only get you so far if you have a good to great D. The Flyers made it to the finals with one of the most dominate lines in recent NHL history (LeClair/Lindros/Renberg). They had a very good D though. However, they got exposed when they ran into teams with a great defensive center/line.
Don't get me wrong. Hossa is extremely attractive. So attractive that fans are blind to what could happen to their future when they only focus on the thought of acquiring Hossa. I'd love the Flyers to make a run at Hossa as well but I'm afraid that they would sacrifice the future (next 2-8 years) to get him.
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