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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
Mitchell was the owners representative for the owner's report. He had a retired judge as co lead who had no fiscal ties to MLB also to ensure the integrity of the process. Beside the fact that only reason Mitchell was picked by the owners for their report was because his repetition of being fair and honest.

A conflict of interest would only occur if Mitchell had direct interaction and oversight of the team. Trust me I send a lot of team lawyers and other folks that need to ensure they don't get into COI issues.
Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco
It's still a conflict of interest. He owns stake in the Boston Red Soxs. There really isn't anyway around that.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>

i have read this report from cover to cover. this report has as much validity as the warren commisions report on the kennedy assasination. there was only 1 gunmen.
1st-- mitchell. unbiased? dont think so. he is on the board of directors of a rival team that seemed to be the brunt of the whole investigation. whether he had people who werent affiliated with baseball it really doesnt matter because ultimately he over saw everything and determined what goes in the report.
2- mitchell is affiliated with baseball. so his credibilty is compromised.
3- no subpena power nulifies and makes the report not that credible.
4- there whole investigation stemmed around people who were going to jail and needed to save there arses. again i seriously question there truthfullness because of it. why should anyone believe them over people who were in the game and have had no ill contact with the law
5- sammy sosa and mcguires names were not in the report
6- i can easily speculat more that i have no proof otherwise. see brady andersons 50 homerun season
7- shoeless joe jackson- with the black sox scandel judge landis told the owners that he needed absolut power or else no one would believe it. that there was a credibility issue.
8- he was right who really believes that major league baseball has addressed the issue with this report.
9- never anywhere in the report does it mention that they questioned owners and gms respectably. you mean to tell me none of them knew? did major league baseball owners tell each other and there respective reps. to not discuss it with the mitchell investigation>? cause that doesnt happen. yeah right! and why was the players the ones with all the names being mentioned and not them. there is a lot of evidence that points to the gm towers in san diego who knows.
10- no where in the report does it give any onus to baseball for taking responsibilty.
11- jose canseco-- you know the guy who blew the lid and everyone insisted was lying only to be proven that it wasnt him who was lieing. lol
he has gone on the record and say what about arod? if that is the case has the mitchell investigation lied to supress a possible successor to the home run record and put the steroid era behind baseball. he wasnt mentioned
12- a while back a duely noted boston red sox player was caught with roids in his car and was never mentioned in the report.
13- the amount of players on his own team not here makes me question it more. why wasnt there more?
14- there whole basis of a report was only because of 2 new york trainers or bat boy respectably. and balco was located in california. yeah right!

overall these are some points i wanted to just throw out there.

IMHO i believe that roids/HGH is rampant in baseball. i see this report as a coverup so that MLB can get congress off of there backs. and they used a congressman to help. notice the $60 mil price tag. the only thing selig could do is use the best interest of baseball clause to enforce any punishment, somehting he has been reluctant to do. i also have to laugh at everyone who is like OH MY GOD HE DID ROIDS. LMAO@ them. becasue i cannot see anyone not saying they didnt enjoy the roid era. i did. i cant look back now and feel like a hypocrit. who didnt enjoy the sosa mcguire thing?> now after the fact we learn they did somthings they shouldnt have, is it going to taint our joy of that time we all watched it? No. look for the press to keep this going because they are the ones with a lot of egg on there faces.
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