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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
I watched that game ( i thought it was a great game) very entertaining you gotta give buffalo credit those guys played hard.

The game was very entertaining. One of the best I've been to in a while. Buffalo played well. Dipuzzo is an embarassment though. I've never seen a linesman signal icing, then waive it off, and then call icing while the player is coasting to the puck.
It's ashame such a great game was ruined by a moron linesman.

Edit: due to seeing your added "richards is a badass". Just when i thought I couldn't like Mike Richards anymore then I already do, he does somthing that makes me like him even more. He is such an incredible 2 way player. He was litertally, on the ice for what seemed to be 9 straight minutes during the second period when the refs continued to call penalties on the Flyers. He is one of the best PK I've seen and then he goes and ripes one by Miller on a SH rush. The kid is really something special. Did you hear that he took the entire team to dinner after signing his deal. Pretty cool gesture.

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