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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Then stop advertising his fight.

Here's the deal... when it was Mario and Gretzky, no one care if they dropped the gloves because there was the utmost respect for those 2 by all players and vice versa. Cindy runs around disrespecting the game and the players that play the game. When you do that, you are expected to be able to back up your ignorance by dropping your gloves. If you don't, you are simply viewed as a b!tch ass sissy punk by the fans and players.
I am only 1 Flyer fan amongst a ton of east coast fans who feel the same way. Ranger fans, Isles fans, Bruin fans, Buffalo fans, etc. He is laughed at by fans for the coward he truly is.
It really is a shame because he is a terrific player. All that is lost by the gutless way he plays.
That's just the way it is, whether the Pens fans buy it or not, it doesn't really matter. It is what it is.

Huh? advertising? what on gods green earth are you talking about as for the rest of you post (WTF?) it's clear you don't like sid (that's great)
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