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Simon Fletcher

The Ticket Exchange does work well with my season tickets for the ducks. The problem is have with them is when they add 10% to tickets that are not selling very well. We get 10% loss from what we post and it is credit for playoffs or next season (in the Kings case every year). I dont mind the credit and the buyer is paying only 10% (like stub hub). Also, i get my tickets for $15.25 (plus facility fee) but can sell my tickets at $30.50 or more. Now, that normally sounds great for a profit but if you cant get a buyer, i would love to sell for $20 to $25 if they would give us that opportunity. TM doesnt make anything on my season tickets unless I sell them on the exchange so that is the only way they make their money on ST holders. I dont think someone that buys from TM can put their tickets on the Exchange. I believe it is only for the exclusive rights of season ticket holders. I do wonder why teams that have a huge walk up dont rebuy those tickets at $30.50 and resell for $41 that is priced at the box office. The profit isnt huge but getting fans in and not frustrated would be a smart move. I would suggest that anyone that cannot go to the game and tickets would be unused to claim that in a box when posting so the team can keep those tickets active on their personal computer in the box office to resell. This makes season ticket holders, the walk up fans and the ducks all happy. It will keep the season ticket base happy and renew. I believe, though, that you would have to limit the times someone can do this or they would just keep the tickets to resell all home games.
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