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Originally Posted by phillybroncosnut View Post
Richards is by far the best all around player on the Flyers. I love that they locked him up long term. In fact, they got him really cheap. The Flyers did very well in this deal. Richards did in a way too. he never has to worry about job security again.

I love this deal. I'll take the 12 year deal. If he flops (there is no idication of that) so be it. It's not like he is getting 10 million per year.
yeah he is, and he is finally turning into what he was supposed to be, But i have to agree with bronx on this one, i think its too long too soon, with too much unproven. Its not just one good year as he sayd cuz he was putting up these kinds of numbers the last half of last year , but still, not even 1 full complete season and hes gets a contract like that.
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