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Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
Obviously every retard with B*nds dick in their mouth was going to play the everybody was doing it card.

80 names on this list.

750 major leaguers at any given time.

That would come out to less than 11% of the players.

But, you can see the names of several retired players on that list, which means the player pool expands dramatically. If we're talking twice as many players, now you're down to about 5%, which is slightly more than one player per team.
If you *really* think that this report captures every juicer in the game then you are dumber than I thought.

This report represents a fraction of the abusers. A fraction! The only sources Mitchell had were BALCO, the Mets batboy (Radomski) and the other trainer (McNamee).

Without Radomski this report is 12 pages long. I know you have a hard-on for Bonds, and probably rightfully so since he's such an a-hole, but to single him out for steroid use is laughable. Get real. How many guys got their juice from a source that Mitchell didn't talk to? TONS and TONS and TONS! These were just the guys that got caught. There's a BALCO in every city, a Radomski on every team.

It just so happened that BALCO didn't pay their taxes and got busted for tax evasion and money laundering. All the juice then leaked out.

This report is an absolute joke. It's great that some players were outed...but it's selective prosecution. There are umpteen juicers that were not mentioned...and to be brutally honest, MLB, the owners and players association have no real objective of cleaning up the game.

Bonds is guilty as sin for being unique in that he's the biggest a-hole known to mankind. But as a juicer.....he's just one of the guys. Guys that were outed, and guys that were not outed. Unfortunately for him...he's much better than any of them.

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