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Originally Posted by -Slap- View Post
Obviously every retard with B*nds dick in their mouth was going to play the everybody was doing it card.

80 names on this list.

750 major leaguers at any given time.

That would come out to less than 11% of the players.

But, you can see the names of several retired players on that list, which means the player pool expands dramatically. If we're talking twice as many players, now you're down to about 5%, which is slightly more than one player per team.
I guess what you're saying is the huge majority of MLB players are clean and have been clean. I think this is true. This why I certainly want to see the cheaters erased from the record books, so the legitimate award-winners get the recognition they deserve.

Look at the number of players on that list that have won awards by cheating, that have team records by cheating. F them, remove them from the record books.
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