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Until all those names get sorted out as to which teams they play with while taking the juice, this list is not all that helpful. Some may have taken the juice earlier rather than later or vice versa, so there is a lot of room for discussion by the named "criminals" of Baseball. There are four that I noticed that played for the Rockies. With the exception of Bichette, the juice didn't help them much.....

PS: Let me add that many of you here are much more versed in baseball than I, but I am a reasonable intelligent consumer of entertainment offerings. Therefor, I need a little help in sorting out who the scumbags swindled. One name is quite well known: Barry Bonds. The media created the big hype around his pursuit of the HR record, and I absolutely resent the scumbags' "achievements" when stacked up against Henry Aaron's or even the Babe. I hope Bonds spends about a year in the pokey for lying. What he did is at least half a bad as what the other media creation did: kill dogs.

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