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espn update: good news...
Ford out of hospital, on flight back to Toronto

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<!-- template inline -->T.J. Ford has been released from an Atlanta hospital and has returned to Toronto.
Ford will be further evaluated when he arrives in Toronto. Results of an MRI, CT scan and X-rays taken in Atlanta were negative. There is no timetable for his return.
The Raptors guard, who missed the 2004-05 season following neck surgery, was headed toward a breakaway basket when Atlanta rookie Al Horford hit the guard's face with his hand. Ford landed hard, his head bouncing off the floor.
"After a while I could see him moving and that was a relief," Toronto's Chris Bosh said, adding there was immediate concern about Ford because everyone knew his injury history.
"It turns my stomach because of who it is," Bosh said. "Like I say, we know about his situation and everything.
"He was conscious. He wasn't trying to move too much. I'm sure he was feeling pain in his arms and legs. I just hope he's OK."
Raptors spokesman Jim LaBumbard confirmed Ford "had feeling in his upper and lower extremities when he was taken off the floor."
Ford was taken to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta.
Former NBA player, coach and Ford workout coach John Lucas told that he spoke with Ford's girlfriend, Candace Dixon, Tuesday night and that she told Lucas that Ford had feeling in his arms and legs and did have range of motion. Lucas said Dixon told him they were awaiting results of a CAT scan and that Ford didn't lose consciousness.
Toronto coach Sam Mitchell reacted with immediate anger to the hard foul and had a brief exchange of words with Atlanta coach Mike Woodson.
"We're just concerned about T.J.," Mitchell said. "There's not much more to say. We've just got to wait and see."
Horford insisted he did not try to injure Ford, who had 26 points.
"Definitely not. I'm not a dirty player," Horford said.
Horford said he was fooled by Ford's move as he went up for the layup with 1:32 left.
"When it happened with a minute and a half left, we were still down by eight [92-84]," Horford said. "He got the steal. I just tried to go and block the shot. When he went up, I went up too. He tried to use the rim and I thought he was going to stay on [one] side so I went up and tried to hit the ball and I hit his head.
"He just made a good move and fooled me."
Horford said he was alarmed by Ford's hard fall.
"When I saw his head hit twice, that's when I thought it was serious," said Horford, who was ejected with the flagrant foul.
Bosh said it didn't look like a dirty play by Horford.
"Al kind of mistimed it and hit him in his head," Bosh said. "I don't think he meant to do it on purpose. He was making a basketball play. He just got him right on his head."
Woodson spoke with Mitchell after the game.
"I just went down there to let them know our prayers are with him," Woodson said of Ford.
Players on both benches and fans were quiet as medical personnel attended to Ford.
"I'm a good friend of T.J.'s," Atlanta's Josh Smith said. "Knowing about the injury he had in Milwaukee, it kind of scared me. I started praying for him."
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