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The Team

Originally Posted by ROYC75 View Post
To get embarrassed ? No, I have no desire to see them get embarassed in the title game.

Do I want them there ? Hell yeah, again, not at the point of getting embarassed in the title game ...... Oh, and not to cheat to win them either, No pride in cheating to win .

You'd rather not be in a SB if your team gets embarrassed? That's pretty pathetic....and a safe wish....... KC has to win a playoff game first.

As for cheating? Hardly! The league disallowed Denver's creative book keeping and penalized them.
Kind of like the IRS will do to some of your expenses if you ever get audited. It's not illegal, it's just disallowed bookkeeping and penalties imposed.
Do you know the difference between 'avoidance' and 'evasion'?
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