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Originally Posted by ROYC75 View Post
WOW, Thanks Guys for a trip down memory lane. Good to visit the past, see where you came from. Who ever said the Donks don't have Holiday Cheer ?

Now for the record ........ at least KC is playing 50 % in the SB apperances. Denver ? 2 for ? 5, 6 , how many is it ? Plus the fact you had to cheat to get them ? How could anybody doubt those quality accomplishments, really, How could ya ?

As for the game today, who cares, we suck this year and we are finally doing what we need to do, rebuild, get younger, the growing pains are painful, but it needs to be done.

Happy Holiday Donks !

that ghey argument again? and please don't say you as a KC would not have loved to been in that many SB appearances.
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