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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i have a problem with buffalo being on that list, i remember 4 years ago when they couldnt give tickets away, i actually go tickets to the flyers last playoff series in buffalo, the day before the game, 11th row right at the blue line, you dotn get seats like that to a playoff game the day before in a hockey city.

It depends. I always use a trick (or an inside secret) to secure Playoff tix. I go down the day of the game and wait at the ticket window. At about 2 hours before game time, the window opens with great tix available. The tix that become available are the opposing teams tix that go unused. The opposing team gets a number of tix for family friends, etc. Whatever they don't use they return to the home team and the home team sells them.

I am not sure if the tix you got were the same situation or not.

I may agree with you though. I think I would take out Buff and insert Boston to that list.
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