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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
are you for real ? you cant really be this stupid, the team was sold right ? why was it sold, cuz mario didnt get his new arena, why did he want one ? cuz nobody was going to the old one and he was losing his shirt. Why is mario the owner in the first place ? cuz all the great fans didnt show up and the team couldnt afford to pay his salary so they gave him a share in the team.

anyhow im done with you, your boring, you have no material other then " the fans saved the team not the nhl" so ill let you get back to slobbering on cindys knob.

You have no clue on why mario sold the team. Please educate yourself before i make you look like even more of a fool. I explained it to you once before. Since you didn't cite the lease agreement for mellon, etc - you are looking really bad here.
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