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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
whats sid done this year against the flyers?

as for letting them leave, the fans did ****, the nhl saved them, mario (savior #1) had sold the team to balsillie and it woulda been gone sept the nhl wouldnt let him move, so he backed out of it. So dont think the fans had anything to do with it. If balsillie was from kansas city and not anywhere in canada the penguins would already be gone.

but please continue to show us how your laughing stock of a franchise is worth anything. 1 playoff appearance in what like 12 years, you wanna talk about having no hope of winning the cup, not making the playoffs is having no hope of winning, at least making the playoffs gives you a shot.
Uh again flyers fans don't know ****. The fans in pitt did all sorts of rallies in Pitt to keep the team - it was the CITY & State that were not kowtowing to Mario's demands.

Now that i have served you some STFU i hope you enjoy it.

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