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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
not living in philly i could care less about a "curse" what we have here is 2 teams, the pens and the flyers, that have been in the league the same number of years, both with the same number of stanley cup wins, one team however has been selling out games the whole time, while the other team has finished dead last in the league a bunch of times and been bankrupt what like 3 times, so while there may be a curse on sports teams of philly, i wouldnt exactly say pittsburgh is doing so **** hot either. BTW even tho the penguins won 8 games last year the overall head to head record is still heavily in favor of the flyers.
yeah sid the flyer killer really irks ya don't he.

As far as the pens going bankrupt- **** happens - but the fanbase didn't let them leave, now did they. Which really sinks your whole argument to lack of a fan base right down teh ****ter.
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