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Originally Posted by claviculasolomonis View Post
Again flyer fans have no real knowledge of that which they speak. When Dick tarnstrom was the leading scorer, they still avg'd 13k in attendence in, what a 15.5k building.

Maybe next time ya'll can read up on a topic before you try to engage someone in it.

Oh and PS - lemme know when philly ever wins anything significant. that town is cursed. So the joke is on philly fans. Every year we laugh at the choke job done by all major sports of that city.

I only care bout the Phils and Flyers. We've won just about the same in my lifetime (33 yrs) as the Pens and Pirates. Whats the current streak for the Pirates under .500 now? 16 years or something like that?
The Flyers have had 1 bad season (last year) since '92. I'll take a playoff Hockey squad for 13 out of the last 15.
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