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The Cote Hit was uncalled for. He got his elbow up and deserves a suspension. Sad thing is, the Cote, Dowd, and Eager line were the only line that decided to play with passion. Eager was playing out of his mind. When a checking/fighting line is frustrated, something bad is bound to happen though. No excuse for the elbow.

The Hatcher leaving his feet in my opinion is nit picking. I gotta admit though, I have no idea when that was. I was at the game and don't recall any hit where Hatch left his feet. Hatch didn't get a penalty all night so I can't imagine it was a terribly bad hit. The micropscope is in full force though so I imagine any questionable hit, even though every player on every team makes a similar hit, will be deemed a cheapshot by the Flyers.

I can't figure out what the hell is going on with this team right now. I'm frustrated by the fact that we play incredible on the road only to come home and play like a bunch of retards at home. All we do is stand around in the defensive zone and when the puck comes to them after 5 minutes of watching the opposing team skate around and fire at will, we just look to dump out. No one skates with the puck. We can't even string together 2 passes in a row. It's all turnovers or dump-ins or dump-outs. I can't beleive this is a first place hockey team. I think they fell behind the Rangers after last night though.
Strange how this team won their first 7 or 8 games at home this season. Now, they can't even keep the games close at home. I've been to the last 5 home games and we won the first (5-2) against Pitts) and dropped the last 4. How can a team play so well on the road and suck so bad at home? If we were losing by a goal and fighting hard for the win, that would be acceptable. Getting blown out 4 straight at home is out of line. I am at a loss.
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