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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by worm View Post

I actually haven't had a chance to get back home since late September.

Whenever I go a few months without getting back...I have these nightmares of pine trees through my roof and a family of bears kicking it in my living room.

I have a ticket for coming up next Thursday for the weekend to get the motorcycle started and break out my winter fishing gear for Priest Lake.

I can't wait!
Hey, if you have time, we'd probably be able to meet you at the Falls Inn or Lou's Place... or one of the establishments in Priest River for a beer and some Broncos talk...

We don't have a whole lot of snow left... it was cold enough that the snowflakes were the light, powdery kind. Roads aren't too bad... just a tad bit of ice in the shady areas (on the highways; county roads are pretty much compact snow and ice).
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