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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
i make downies hit everytime, hartnell was pulling up, jones was just bad luck, boulerice was dirty, the jones hit happens 5 times everygame and not a word is said untill somebody dosent get up, much like the hartnell hit, if the guy gets up nothing else is said, and you can cry dirty all you want about downie, i like it, and actually i recall laying out a guy in summer hockey many years ago in the very same way, i didnt even get a penalty.

did you see Phaneuf's hit on Hudler, from tuesday, very similar to downies hit, he was offf the ice barely, just like downie (its called exploding into the hit NOT JUMPING) but it wasnt near the boards, oh yeah and the guy got up, so how many games did he get ?

nice eh, funny thing, no stretcher, no suspension, apparently we need to send all players to the darcy tucker go down like you were shot school of taking a hit

Hudler was admiring a pretty pass? what? only difference was the dean hit was directed to to the head (that's the difference) and hartnells exact quote was (I finished the check)

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