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i dunno man, a good hit is a good hit, that cambell hit on umberger in the playoffs was a good hit, colby armstrong throws some really nice hits, i just like rough hockey, and the fact that its finally being played and being penalized pisses me off to no end, the fact that it certainly seems that the nhl has 2 sets of criteria for suspensions pisses me off to no end, ive offered up videos of just about everything a flyer has been suspended for being done by another player and what did they get ? nothing, hell colin cambell even said earlier in the year about a hit " it was a suspendable offense" well why the hell wasnt he suspended then ? What kinda message is he sending to league ? Hit anybody however you want, just pray they dont get hurt or youll get suspended.

if all these hits happend last year when the team sucked ass i can see people being upset, cuz they arent playing hockey, they are just goons, but come on take the skirts off and play the game.
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