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Originally Posted by WABronco View Post
They're in a spot with Johan now, though. Deal him and further deplete the vaunted Twins pitching or re-sign him? I find the talk of the NYY trade centering around Melky Cabrera laughable, but if they could get someone like Hughes and Cano...

I saw that the asking price for Seattle would be AJ, Clement, and Brandon Morrow. Yeaaa screw that.
The Twins should just pay him. He wants Zito money and that's a bargain for his services. Zito is a fringe top 15-20 starter at best. They have a new park in the works. Carl Pohlad owes it to the fans to keep him.

If Francisco Liriano returns at full strength, they have enough depth to survive in pitching without Johan and they'll probably land a Phil Hughes-Clay Buchholz-Nick Adenhart in return. I don't think their demands are too much to ask. They should ask for the farm. Santana is the best pitcher in baseball. He's a proven commodity and the surest thing out there. I wouldn't deal him to the Yankees unless they gave up Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Jose Tabata.
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