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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
Who the **** knows! how can i give you the answer (i wasn't there) we will have too take your word for it (without video proof) but facts are facts dude (it wasn't a legal hit) end of story so it really doesn't matter when the ref raised his hand. Iam really sorry your team is on an extended streak of being extremely stupid i would be pissed too if my team was doing this shyt but hey iam just a hockey fan what the **** do i know.

As for the statement i put in bold (my questions) were all directed at chada not you whom doesn't have two clues to rub together even you told him to shut his piehole.

Well, in my opinion if a ref has to see the result to decide whether it's a penalty or not, it's probably not a penalty.
Anyway, no need to sound so bitter bro. I was just asking YOU a few questions. And, like I said in the previous post, I am so not pissed. I love it.

My entire post really wasn't directed at you totally. Just the first couple questions. After that, it was merely my opinion on the matter for all to read.

Don't get saucey Bronx. It's just hockey bro.

Just like all of use like to see a devestatingly punnishing Defense from our Broncos, I love the same with my Flyers. We would love to see our D hit like this on the Football field. If there are a few helmet to helmet hits, we would live with them. That's all I am doing with my Flyboys!
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