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Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
And just so you know hartnell would have been in the box with this hit anyways if alberts got right back up (it was to the head) anybody throwiing that hit would have been penalized.

Wow, I was hoping a non Flyer fan would say something like that. I was at the game Monday and need a non Flyer fan to explain to me what the ref was thinking. Explain to me then, why did the Ref not throw his arm up signaling a penalty until 5 to 6 seconds after the hit? Explain to me when Koharski (the ref) had to look back and notice the player was hurt BEFORE he signaled for a penalty. Wanna know why.... Because it was not a penalty. For further proof that it wasn't a penalty, the Ref gave Hartnell a 5 minute major for..... you ready to laugh BOARDING!
Boarding? That wasn't boarding. The player was not facing the glass. In fact, it was'nt anything at all. The only thing Hartnell might be guilty of is hitting a defensless player. However, there is....
A) No such penalty
B) There is a chance the guy gets right up and jumps into the offensive rush. Hartnell did what any player does. Hit the guy after the pass. Problem for the Bruins player was, he didn't get up. Unfortunately for the Bruins player, his head was level with the dasher. When Hartnell cleanly made the check, the Bruins players head hit the dasher causing the damage.

I'm tired of trying to explain this chit. Why am I tired? Because I love the Flyers re-introducing the Broad Street Bullies to the NHL. Suspensions? I don't want to see opposing players get seriously injured but I want the other team to feel a tremendous amount of pain after playing us. If a heavy hit is deemed a "cheap shot" by the skirts around the NHL, eff 'em. Eff suspensions. Who cares. Keep suspending our players. Doesn't matter to me. It will just help spread the word that the Bullies are back. You might beat use on the score board, but you will pay with your health. I LOVE IT!

Ph uck Colin Campbell, Ph uck Gary Bettman, and Ph uck all you non Flyer fan pansies!

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