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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
oh come on, so thats the new plan is it, drop to your knees so you dont get hit, gimmie a break, hartnell pulled up, see the snow flying off his skates, thats cuz he was stopping, if he wanted to kill him he coulda, once again this hit happens all the time, but because the guy lays on the ice for a bit its a suspension which is wrong, if albert gets up nothing more is said of this.

Did you even notice why alberts went down? he dropped to keep a puck from getting past him since hartnall was bearing down on him (smart player) doing his job. Hartnall watched him do this and still smoked him in a vunerable postion (not smart) very nice of him to not kill him and only knock him out for a few seconds, iam very sorry you don't understand what a good hit is vs a lame cheap one from somebody that knew better. And just so you know hartnell would have been in the box with this hit anyways if alberts got right back up (it was to the head) anybody throwiing that hit would have been penalized.

Ps: In this situation you don't finish the check. Period.

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